The Queen Mary’s CHILL is a Winter Wonderland by itself


The Queen Mary’s annual holiday festival is back! The Queen Mary’s CHILL has returned for their holiday splendor with new and old attractions for the family to enjoy. This will mark the first year in a long time since The Queen Mary’s CHILL will not showcase chilling ice sculptures, but fret not, the new display is truly magical without the bulky parkas getting in your way. It was truly a festival of lights in the world of Alice and Wonderland.

This event is great for families and those who love a good Instagram photo because the lights and activities are perfect photo opportunities. For kids, there are so many activities for them to enjoy and never feel bored.

Alice in Winterland

This magical light show has you following the white rabbit down the rabbit hole and into the world of Alice. There are adorable characters from the beloved CS Lewis novel, including Alice herself, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, the White Queen, and the Queen of Hearts. The actors themselves are fantastic and stay in character the entire time.

The rooms in the 14,000 sq. ft. dome are beautiful. There is a room full of interactive doors to play with.

Also, with the purchase of a hat or bunny ears, people can experience the extra interactive RFID happening around the dome. With the purchase, the sensors detect the RFID and create more illusion for the audience. Make sure you wave it when you stand on the spots on the ground, because at times it could be difficult to read it.

Curiouser Carousel

This new attraction is just an old school traditional carousel for the little ones – and let’s be honest, the big kids – to enjoy. It brings back some nostalgia of when you were a kid on a carousel.

Glacier Glide

This ice glide is back! Grab a tube and slide down. It’s seriously so fun and completely safe. Kids will love it. Adults will love it. It’s also really fast to go on and wait in line for.

The Looking Glass Skating Rink

The skating rink is back! Take a spin on the 6,000 sq. ft. rink with a small fee of $15 for 45 minutes, which includes skate rental. It’s extremely fun and there are people there to help, including some sessions for those who want to learn.

Swingin’ Sleigh Ride

The famous Michael Jackson swings from his home on Neverland Ranch is open and available for people who want more of an adventurous ride. For $5. you’ll go higher like never before and be able to see the views of the event.

Giant Rocking Horse

Completely free with admission! This giant rocking horse is so fun to just rock on and take photos because it looks completely cool.

Photos with Santa Claus

Of course, what are the holidays without Santa Claus? These photos are taken inside his cottage and you can even send a letter to the North Pole there.

Mrs. C’s Sip N Stories

If you need a break from the kids, you could take them to hear Mrs. Claus tell them a story while you sit back and enjoy a hot chocolate. She has her own place now to read her stories and not interfere with photos with Santa.

The Magic Mushroom Martini Bar

This is for the adults (21+) who just need to get away and relax with some awesome drinks. They serve a Winterland Vodka flight (of many different flavors) or a Magical martini. The bar does look like a mushroom paradise with its decor, which is pretty cool.

Down the Rabbit: Watering Hole

Rather have a different drink? This garden lair features festive libations including Mulled Wine, Hot Buttered Rum, Spiced Cider, Egg Nog, Hot Toddies, Irish Coffee, and other traditional favorites. Also, it makes a great photo op.

Kid Activities

For those looking for activities, of course, at a cost, there are two decorating locations for kids to do. The Gingerbread Decorating Party offers kits for families to make together in Ginny Gingerbread’s home. Gingerbread making kits are available for sale and may be built into her house. Photo ops are available. Honestly, of all of the fairy tale characters that the Queen Mary Chill has to offer, Ginny is the cutest.

If you don’t want to deal with cookies, you can create your own Stocking at Santa’s Stocking Stop. They have a variety of crafts to choose from in the store. There is also other fun stuff for the kids like face painting & caricatures, Candy Cane bounce house, and many more activities.

As for the food selection, it varies between pizza, hot dogs, sausages, candy, cookies, and cakes. They are surrounding the North Pole Point Stage – so just buy your food, drink, and enjoy the show. There is a live performance every half hour on the Main Stage, so you won’t get bored.

Overall, the event is a great day or night out with the family and friends. There is always something to do. Check out the events here. For ticket information and to purchase tickets, click here. Also, each ticket purchase also gives you access to go abroad the Queen Mary – FREE! Check out the photos below to see what to expect.

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