Samsung Galaxy S8 may have a few (non-exploding) tricks up its sleave


After the pesky issue of the Note 7 exploding that eventually lead to the discontinuation of the device, Samsung needs to be able pull out all the stops with its next device launch. And they just might have with the Galaxy S8.

Based on a report from ETNews in South Korea, Samsung is reportedly adding an auto-focus feature to the front facing camera in the S8. This could be the first mainstream phone to add this feature. Of course other companies are adding OIS features to front facing cameras, but not auto-focus. Obviously, Samsung hasn’t confirmed these rumors, as they never do, but adding a feature like this may make the S8 stand out enough in our ever growing selfie-centric world.

Usually Samsung unveils their Galaxy S line at the Mobile World Congress at the end of February, but if rumors are to believed, it has decided to push the announcement till the Spring to give more time to quality control testing. Probably a smart move on Samsung’s part. The question remains, however, will an auto-focusing front camera be enough to bring people back to the Samsung brand?

Source: TechnoBuffalo

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