Renoir first impressions review

Renoir is a game I had high hopes for, especially with my immense love for everything noir. And as Renoir did not disappoint, there was a few things I expected it to be and it didn’t deliver. However, that is just my fault as I went into the game with various thoughts. Some things were amazing, and I genuinely really enjoyed playing it. But just as most things, there are few things it could have done differently.

Let’s start off with the mechanics of the game, which is the most important to me!

The first thing I have to talk about is the turning around feature in the game. In normal games, you would just turn around. Like, there is no other way to explain it honestly. You just turn around, am I right?! Well in Renoir, to go the opposite direction (in this platform-style game, either left or right), you have to stop, take literally a second to turn completely around, and then you make it to the next direction. After a while, this feature got really exhausting. It just made the game feel so slow, making it harder for me to get into and power through each puzzle. That’s kind of just a small personal thing that really annoyed me, but to be honest it doesn’t take too much away from the game if it doesn’t bother you.

The operations of the game we’re a lot to take in, but when you finally understand the game fully and play the first few levels, the aspect of the controls are really cool and unique. Basically, you have to use the other guys in the room to help you get through the lights and get through to the next level. You trace their paths, and continue to go until you get it right. Unfortunately if you mess up you have to begin their paths again, but it just gives you more time to really get into the game and think about what you’re doing step by step. Sometimes you might get peeved as I did, when I had to start over, but I can see why this feature is there and the perks to it.

The storyline of the game wasn’t anything too extreme or hard to follow! Because this is a first impressions review there is a lot I might have missed in the storyline, but the setup to the game in general was basic and easy to understand. Basically, you are detective who finds himself dead, and now you’re going through different scenes to pass the puzzles. So the premise is quite simple and then you just continue on, which I actually prefer. Its simplicity makes it the perfect amount of everything, in the sense that you’re not overwhelmed before you get halfway through. The controls for the game take up a lot of brain space for the first couple bits, so it’s nice to have a story that isn’t so heavy you’re confused by everything.

The art of the game was my favorite. As I said before, I am a huge noir kind of gal. I basically eat, sleep, and breathe film noir and all of its counterparts. The black and white filter in the game really puts you in the noir mood, especially if you’re looking to go back in time. It’s not so simple to the point where you just kind of see silhouettes, there’s some proper detailing on the puzzle settings and the main character.

Aspects of a platformer game, in the sense that you go right and left, are the main part of how the game works. But instead of being a 2D figure like most typical platformers, everything around you including yourself, is 3D. That kind of makes it more interesting and realistic to play, giving you the feeling of playing a regular 3D but in a platformer world.

Renoir 2

Although the game isn’t really a typical noir game, as you’re not unlocking things and solving clues left and right, it does give you the noir feeling. It’s a great game if you just are in the mood for something in that genre, and you’re not really looking to put a bit commitment to something. It does a perfect job of curing your cravings without having to fully fill up your mental state with just the game. And even though you’re not solving clues like I said, you’re at least solving puzzles and finding your way out; so it doesn’t take too much away from the common noir grounds.

Ultimately, the worst part of the game was the fact it didn’t sync up with my game controller. It had about 4 controls on the laptop, and would have felt so much better if played via gamepad.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing the game for as long as I did. There’s not heaps to say about every part of the game because it’s sweet and simple. You’re just a cool guy who’s dead and putting together puzzles. The art style really sold me in the first place, even before I managed to get my hands on the game. I just love the theme so much, which led me to want to play it. Though some parts may be clunky or dragged on, it didn’t take away from the video game being good. I think there could be some changes to things, but I still had fun playing it and I honestly wish I could just take game around with me to play in my free time.

If you’re looking for something to have fun with while also getting some brain cells pumping, then I would highly recommend Renoir. Especially because on top of that, it has such a great art style and really takes your classic platformer to the next level. Let us know if you play it!

You can pick it up on Steam here!

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