Michael Bay not interested in directing Marvel films

michael bay transformers-4-age-of-extinction-michael-bay-set-photo

Michael Bay is busy at work with the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight, marking the fifth time he’s directing a Transformers movie. There are fans that enjoy the films, and then there are critics and fans who wish another would take the director’s chair. Despite all that, Paramount Pictures and Hasbro are definitely happy with the box office success and toy sales. Superhero films are also big draws at the box office, so would Bay ever consider doing one? The answer is no; however, he does enjoy watching them.

“I really liked Civil War,” Bay tells Collider and others on the set of The Last Knight over the summer. “I like a lot of the Marvel movies. When I saw Iron Man, it broke a lot of new ground for me, and it was a great character. Funny, witty, I liked that about it.” As for the future of superhero films, he wonders “where [superhero movies] are going to go,” saying that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War have “almost the same setup.”

“I wouldn’t want to, it’s not my thing, it’s just not my gig,” Bay said. He’s more into creating his own universe compared to coming in late in the game. “I don’t ever wanna take someone like a third of something or second of something. I gotta do my own thing, because the most fun is when a real director creates the world. You know, you talk to Ridley Scott, one of our favorite things to do is to create the world. Steven Spielberg, create the world. That is what it’s about. If I were to do something I would have to redo it my way.”

Would Bay be a good director for a superhero movie? If you think so, what superhero movie would you like to see him direct. Let us know in the comments section below.

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