Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite announcement trailer released!


While it was not the best kept secret, during today’s press conference at the PlayStation Experience, the all-new Marvel vs Capcom title was officially announced. Earlier this week it had leaked that Marvel vs Capcom 4 would be announced at the event, likely during the Capcom Cup tournament. Reports were half correct. The first official trailer did drop, but it was during the press conference, and the first video of actually gameplay footage would air during the tournament.

The game would be officially titled Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. Judging from the trailer it appears that the game’s story will have something to do with the Infinity Stones as Ryu is seen holding one. Given that Marvel’s big tent-pole film Avengers: Infinity War is just around the corner, it is easy to see why Capcom would want this element in their new game. While there were not a lot of characters revealed in the trailer, it did confirm that Captain Marvel would be a playable character. Of course, she has her own solo film coming out in 2018.

There have been rumors that the X-Men may be absent from this installment because Marvel Studios arrangement with Capcom doesn’t include properties held by Fox. More than likely we will find out later tonight who else will appear in Marvel and Capcom’s lineup.

You can check out the full trailer below.

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