Luke Cage is getting a second season? Sweet Christmas!

Luke Cage

Marvel has been knocking movies and television series out of the park and it looks like they’re going to keep swinging no matter what. They’ve already released the critically acclaimed Daredevil and Jessica Jones on Netflix, followed by the powerful Luke Cage. Speaking of Luke Cage, the series was so well received by Netflix viewers and the outpouring of fan reactions to the series that they greenlit a second season.

That’s exactly what you just read. A second season!

Mike Colter, who played Luke Cage himself, brought such a down-to-earth feel to the character that you did kind of feel sorry for the bad guys that were caught in his path of justice. That said, Mr. Colter must be absolutely thrilled to hear that they’re ready for the second season. That means that there would be more grade double-A Luke Cage ass-beatings allowed. Expect Rosario Dawson to show up in the second season as well. Her character, Claire Temple, had been introduced in the first season of Daredevil, but she has actually transcended that series and crossed over to Jessica Jones and into Luke Cage.

Luke Cage isn’t the only one with a second season, though. Daredevil completed its second season already and it was just as well received as the first; props to Jon Bernthal as The Punisher. Jessica Jones was also greenlit for a second season as well, however, we’re going to have to wait for a little bit until we see Krysten Ritter’s gorgeous face as Jessica on our Netflix boxes again.

We have yet to see how Marvel’s Iron Fist is going to be received by the Netflix fanbase; however, I have no doubt in my mind that Marvel will hit another homerun for this. They’ve already got their own team called The Defenders which is a combination of all the Marvel Netflix heroes and possibly characters from Agents of Shield making appearances (not fully confirmed yet).

The ball has been rolling for Marvel so well in their cinematic universes both on-screen and on the small screen that I feel we’re not going to see an end to this production juggernaut anytime soon. Let’s all hope and pray that sometime in the future, FOX finally lets go of their Marvel franchises and we get to see the X-Men and the Fantastic Four meet up with these heroes both on Netflix and in the movies.

Cheers to more superhero butt-kicking! They have to keep these things moving. So as Luke says…

Source: Variety

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