Rampage director wants to direct X-Men and Superman movies


Director Brad Peyton is a busy man with a lot of projects coming up including Rampage, a film based on the classic arcade game, and Malignant Man, a film based on the graphic novel by James Wan. He’s currently promoting his new supernatural horror film, Incarnate, which comes out in theaters today.

“The thing that come to the top of my mind is Superman. Well, there are two,” Peyton tells Nerd Reactor about which superhero movie he’d like to direct. “First and foremost, I was the biggest X-Men fan as a kid. I collected X-Men comics. Literally I think I had every X-Men from 225 to 525. I had 300 X-Men comics in a row. I have like X-Men Annual #1, Giant Size X-Men #1, the first appearances of Gambit and Rogue, X-Factor #1, and obviously X-Force #1. I have all that stuff. I was a huge comic nerd as a kid. So X-Men, probably, would be the dream job for me.”

Peyton then talked about what he wants to bring to the table for a Superman movie.

“Beyond that, I also really, really like Superman,” he says. “My idea of Superman is not an idea I’ve seen in any of the modern Superman movies. I like the juxtaposition of the guy who’s a flawed flub who’s Clark Kent, who’s in love with a girl, who is in love with his alter ego, and he can’t tell her that that’s who he is to protect her. That romantic notion is something that’s so fantastic. I just revealed how nerdy I am.”

Check out our interview with Peyton about his newly released film, Incarnate, here.

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