New King of Fighters XIV update will vastly improve game’s visuals


When SNK took the King of Fighters series from 2D to 3D, fans were less than thrilled to see some of their favorite characters become almost lifeless puppets. While the game has been out since August, SNK revealed that it would be releasing a new update that will improve the game’s visuals by quite a bit.

The picture on the top shows what the game will like after the 1.10 update is released, while the picture below shows how the game currently looks. It makes a world of difference in the right direction especially since I wasn’t a fan of the mannequin-looking Kyo Kusanagi. It’s not often we see a game get a visual upgrade after release, so this is a very welcome addition.


SNK hasn’t announced when the update will be released, but King of Fighter XIV with the 1.10 update will be playable at the PlayStation Experience.

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