Nintendo theme parks coming to Universal Studios


Credit: Universal Studios

By Reinier Macatangay

Soon, Nintendo fans will be able to enjoy their games at official theme parks!

Legendary Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto and Mark Woodbury of Universal announced a partnership where Nintendo theme parks will be built at Universal Studios Orlando, Hollywood and Osaka (Japan).

The two men spoke through a video on Nintendo’s official YouTube account, which starts off with Miyamoto walking outside in front of the Universal logo (probably towards headquarters) and Mario following not far behind.

“We’re always looking for the next great idea … the next great place to take people, and Nintendo fit the bill,” Woodbury explained. “It’s a natural.”

“We’re going to be able to create an entire Nintendo world.”

Both companies wish to make visitors feel like they are inside the game.

“We are constantly amazed how the park developers are bringing the essence of our games to life in the real world,” Miyamoto said. “Together, we are building it with an eye for what guests will actually experience.”

Woodbury added, “When they’re transported into that world, and they stand there for a moment and see it right in front of them, as if they had just walked into their gameplay … I think that’s going to be a really exciting time.”

Gamers of all ages tend to enjoy Nintendo games, as they offer a unique mix of the company’s lovable characters and deep, engrossing gameplay. Miyamoto also hopes children and adults alike can enjoy the theme parks.

“We are working very hard to create attractions that can be equally enjoyable to anyone regardless of age,” he said.

The video closed with one more comment from Miyamoto on Mario.

“Since we’re really bringing the world to life, I think Mario will feel like he finally came home!”

No set target date for the opening of the Nintendo theme parks is available.

“Each Universal theme park will announce details of its specific Nintendo areas. The first such announcement will come soon,” according to an official press release.

With more kids growing up with a PlayStation or Xbox, a Nintendo theme park is a good way, if nothing else, to keep the Nintendo brand in front of young gamers. Time will tell if the idea proves successful.

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