The Secret Like of Pets gets an Honest Trailer


Film, much like life, sometimes gives you lemons. Sometimes you can take those lemons, and make them into lemonade, and end up with a cult classic on your hands. Other times, as mentioned by the Wolf in the hilarious animated film, 2005’s Hoodwinked, that lemonade “goes bitter, and ferments, and turns to pig-swill.” Never trust a bunny.

Personally, I never got a chance to go see Illumination Entertainment’s The Secret Life of Pets. I’m not sure why, honestly, but it may have been due to the bad taste their previous film, Minions, left in my mouth. But after seeing what the fine folks over at Screen Junkies had to say about it, I can definitely say that I didn’t miss out on much. Labeling it as a knock-off Toy Story, the Honest Trailer pulls no punches in letting fans know what they’re gearing up when they see it: animal butts. No, seriously, animal butts. Check out the video down below!

Source: ScreenJunkies

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