Possible leaked concept art of Mistress Death for Avengers: Infinity War


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is already well on its way and nearing its climax already. What started in 2008 is finally starting to come to complete fruition when Avengers: Infinity War releases into theaters. The mighty Avengers and their teammates will face off against the cosmic threat known as Thanos. Some people don’t know Thanos too well, however, he’s already been showcased throughout the different movies since The Avengers in 2012. It’s widely known that he will be utilizing all six of the Infinity Stones to bring an ass whooping on our favorite heroes.


According to Marvel Cinematic Universe on Facebook, it doesn’t look like Thanos will be alone. In the comic books, Thanos has an obsession with “death” itself; also known as Mistress Death. The Facebook page stated that the concept art of Mistress Death herself had been making its rounds. From what this pic displays, she seriously already looks like ominous partner for Thanos.

What do you guys think about the pic? Do you think there’s any reality to this being a leaked concept image?

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