Five great Square Enix RPGs on Android

By Reinier Macatangay

Not everyone can afford a PlayStation 4 and buy Final Fantasy XV (including this writer), although it looks absolutely fantastic. Plenty of gamers already own a smartphone though, and Square Enix has done a good job of porting their older classics and making them available for Android and iOS.

For those with an Android phone, these five Square Enix RPGs should receive consideration.

1. Final Fantasy VII ($15.99)


Surprise! Final Fantasy VII, widely hailed as the greatest entry in the series, is officially available on smartphones. This version, along with the one on Steam, are ports of the PC release.

Pros: Incredible storytelling and music. Balanced fighting system. Unlimited chocobo racing.

Cons: Needs more than 4 GB of free space at download, eliminating those with older smartphones.

2. Final Fantasy VI ($15.99)


If fans can overlook the older graphics, there is some great storytelling in this installment as well. Adult-oriented themes are present too. When it first released on the Super NES, it was called Final Fantasy III.

Pros: Deep storyline will keep gamers busy for a long time. Interesting, diverse cast of characters.

Cons: Requires the phone to remain online while playing. Also, a bit expensive considering the graphics.

3. Secret of Mana ($8.99)


Originally meant as Squaresoft’s initial entry for the ill-fated Super NES CD-ROM, Secret of Mana released as a cartridge instead and reviewers quickly hailed the title for innovative gameplay, despite a few shortcomings.

Pros: Colorful graphics. Upbeat music. Ring system works well on touchscreen.

Cons: Some technical flaws, including a possible game-ending bug involving the fire seed. Weaker storyline. The multi-player system was praised back in 1993. On Android, the game becomes a single-player affair.

4. Final Fantasy IX ($20.99)


Fans were split on No. 9 when it first came out. Following the more futuristic Final Fantasy VII and VIII, it felt backwards to roam through a medieval times atmosphere again. Still, the main series elements remain present.

Pros: Strong storyline and music as usual. Vivi plays a wonderful main character.

Cons: Besides requiring 4 GB of space at download, it is expensive at $20.99!

5. Chrono Trigger ($9.99)


Like Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Trigger continues to be recognized as one of the greatest RPGs. Oddly, despite the release of the sequel Chrono Cross a few years later, Square Enix has not been interested in continuing the series.

Pros: Time traveling. Multiple endings. Great music. Swipe controls help on touchscreen.

Cons: Additional data needs to be downloaded during the game, which might upset those not near Wi-Fi. Issues with crashing too, according to Google Play user reviews.

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