Ubisoft patches Watch Dogs 2 after gamer was banned over sharing nudity

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 is a rated M game that features violence and nudity. However, Ubisoft will have to patch a certain NPC character in the game due to a recent event. Just imagine a Hollywood studio removing nudity from a rated R film.

A gamer by the name of Adam was playing Watch Dogs 2. He killed a prostitute and took a snapshot of her dead body. What’s particularly interesting about this is that her underwear was revealing her virtual private part. He was surprised and shared it with his friends on Twitter. However, he was banned on the PlayStation Network for “sharing adult content.”


Credit: Twitter/@Swizzasaur

“I’ve been having a great time with the game so far,” Adam said. “On Sunday evening I accidentally blew up a few women in a back alley with a gas pipe and then I saw ‘it’.

“Someone at Ubisoft had rendered a full vagina on one, or maybe more, of the females in the game.

“Cut to tonight where I can’t access any services while playing the game and then when I tried to sign in there was a very brief message about my account being suspended.”

Sony has said that he shouldn’t have been banned, and it has been lifted. Ubisoft has also apologized and will be updating to change the prostitute in question.

“While Watch Dogs 2 is a mature-rated game, we apologise and will update this NPC model to make it more consistent with other NPC models in the game in a patch to be released this week.”

I’ve been playing the game and it features nudity from different types of NPC characters. We see naked strippers at a strip club and naked dudes at a hippy garden. There’s even nudity at an event that’s based on Burning Man.

What do you guys think of Ubisoft patching this revealing prostitute in a game that’s rated Mature for adults? Let us know in the comments section below.

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