Meet League of Legends’ newest fighter, ‘Camille The Steel Shadow’


The difference between a surgeon and a butcher is precision, and that’s where Camille the Steel Shadow enters. She’s an elite operative who dedicated her life to duty by modifying her body with hextech in order to maintain Piltover’s powers structure. Camille is all about precision and has a high mobility champion that excels in chasing down and eliminating single targets. She is extremely strong in duels as long as the player paces themselves and uses precision when executing her combos in fights. She is less effective in bigger team fights or initiations, but in small fights and one on ones, there are few that can withstand her power.

Adaptive Defenses – Camille’s basic attacks against champions grant her a shield based upon their primary damage type. The shield value increases based on Camille’s Max HP.


Precision Protocol – Camille’s next basic attack slashes the enemy for bonus physical damage and a short burst of movement speed. Can be recast for an additional strike immediately or after a few seconds which gives more damage and a small conversion of True damage.


Tactical Sweep- Camille charges for a second, and unleashes a strike in a cone dealing physical damage to all targets hit. The outer half of the cone deals bonus damage based on opponents maximum HP while healing Camille for a portion of the damage.


Hookshot – Camille fires a hookshot towards a target. If she strikes a wall she will pull herself to it and be able to cast it again as Wall dive.

(2nd Cast) Wall Dive – Camille dashes in a target direction stopping at the first champion struck dealing damage and stunning all enemies in the vicinity. If she casts wall dive towards a champion the range is increased and gives her a buff to attack speed.


Hextech Ultimatum – Camille jumps onto targeted champion creating a zone that pushes allies away while trapping the target for a brief period of time. The zone while active prevents escape from all mechanics such as flash, dashes or other movement abilities. The zone deactivates if Camille leaves prematurely. While inside Camille’s basic auto-attacks deal bonus magic damage.

No release date was given for Camille, but she will most likely release within the next 2 patch cycles. Until then here’s a short clip of the Steel Shadow in action.

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