Let It Die is a unique free-to-play game, plus interview with Director Hideyuki Shin


My first experience with “Let It Die” was at PAX East last year, where GungHo Online Entertainment was showcasing its upcoming game. It is amazing to have seen how much has changed in such a short amount of time.

Taking place in a dystopian future, South Western Tokyo breaks off and drifts out into the ocean after a large tectonic disturbance occurs. Simultaneously, as Tokyo drifts away, an enormous spiral structure from the depths of the Ocean, bringing with it more mysteries than one could ever imagine.

Let It Die is an upcoming free-to-play game that is seriously unlike anything I have every played before. This unique hack-and-slash game is developed for PlayStation 4 by Grasshopper Manufacture and designed by Yusuke Kozaki.

Courtesy of GungHo Online Entertainment

Courtesy of GungHo Online Entertainment

The player will start the game by choosing an avatar/body in a scene that looks like it came out of the Matrix. Starting off with no weapons, no gear, and no clothes (besides underwear), you will literally need to fight for gear and weapons so that you can survive the hellish nightmare you are in.

There is a wide variety of weapons and creatures in the game. Some enemies are slow and clumsy, but others are quite fast. This game doesn’t offer a lot of mercy when it comes to combat. Players cannot rely on getting great armor of weapons in order to progress but will need to build up their skills, knowing when to block, strike, and run.

There are so many unique and wildly strange features about this game, all of which definitely enhance the overall feeling of “survival.” In order to heal, the player may have to “stomp” on a frog, or test wild mushrooms. The weapons are odd as well. You may find yourself attaching with an Iron or Shooting bottle rockets at your enemies.

Courtesy of GungHo Online Entertainment

Courtesy of GungHo Online Entertainment

For all these reasons alone, Let It Die is worth trying out. But it is perhaps the “Death Data” that is the staple of this unusual game. When a player dies within the game, that players “death data” is stored onto a sort of “cloud” within the Let It Die network. After that, you can encounter your previous player within the Tower which is pretty cool, but others can encounter your player in their towers as well. So basically you can become an enemy in another player’s game!

Let It Die has so many mysteries and creative aspects to it that after hours and hours of gameplay, you will still find yourself discovering new features and areas.

Let It Die is a free-to-play game, so it really is worth trying out for yourself. For more information, check out the Let It Die website.

Check out our interview with Director Hideyuki Shin below.

GungHo Online Entertainment has sponsored for flight/hotel when we attended the LA offices.

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