Futurama writer ‘spoiled’ in new YouTube show, Paranormal Action Squad

Paranormal Action Squad

You may know Michael Rowe as one of the mastermind writers behind Futurama. With an extensive resume including work on The Nanny, Becker, Family Guy, and more, he’s now adding a new show to the family.

Paranormal Action Squad is a new show that is featured on YouTube Red, starring big YouTube names like Seananners, Vanoss, and MrSark! So what’s the show about?

“It’s kind of like a low-tech Ghostbusters,” says Rowe. “Two num nut guys want to get rid of the paranormal entering Earth. They respond to paranormal emergencies, make matters worst, and then try to get themselves out of trouble.”

Even so, it has loads of implications from Rowe’s previous work – especially in Futurama. “Futurama definitely helped influence Paranormal Action Squad. What I’m going for is what they had – sort of a clubhouse feel,” Michael told us.

Paranormal Action Squad may be similar, but Rowe explained to us that it for sure has its own style and perks. “This is my first time on a show like this, and it has a lot of my voice. I like corniness and emotional stuff, so a lot of that shows through. It’s a lot of my own writing, especially since the staff was around 7-8 people, unlike other things I’ve done. I was on my own, in a way, and it was a cool challenge.”

One of the perks to writing a fantastic show for YouTube Red was that “compared to others, YouTube gave me much more freedom,” Rowe went on. “There wasn’t a lot of interference.”

The coolest thing about the show just from watching the sneak peek I included above was the fact that Paranormal Action Squad stars three pretty popular YouTubers. Seananners (Adam Montoya) plays the brains behind it all, Paul. Scott Robison, also know as MrSark, plays Eddie, Paul’s partner in crime. And Evan Fong of Vanoss plays himself!

“Part of the goal was to make the shows for people who didn’t know their YouTube channels. These guys take their YouTube channels and put a funny spin on them, showing through their characters,” Michael explained.

Two episodes of the new hit show have already debuted on YouTube Red, which has no ads, and a lot of perks like: access to Google Music, and free, original shows.

And why must you watch it? Michael tells us that “it was much more fun than other shows. I’m gonna be spoiled now!”

You can subscribe to the stars here: Seananners, Mr Sark, Vanoss. To see Michael’s other work, click here. And watch the show here! (The first episode is free!)

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