New Walking Dead video game will only be available in arcades


When I was younger, I used to frequent arcades all the time. My favorite games were the shooters, where you held a physical gun while shooting at the screen. I’ve played everything from Time Crisis¬†and House of the Dead, to the Terminator and Jurassic Park games, as well as everything in between. Nowadays, I do still enjoy playing those types of games in the arcade, but there doesn’t seem to be as many as before.

That’s about to change, as AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead, is getting its own arcade shooter. With the show’s popularity being so big, it would only be natural that they made more games based on the series. The ones behind the new game are the same as the ones that made the Terminator Salvation and Aliens Armageddon arcade shooter games. According to the trailer, it looks like you’ll be seated through the duration of playing, and you’ll be using a crossbow, similar to Daryl’s in the show.¬†

I’m definitely interested to try this one out as soon as possible. The only bad part, is that we might have to wait a little bit, as it doesn’t hit arcades until January 2017.

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