Final Fantasy XV’s day-one patch will be 7.2GB


It’s been an extremely long wait for Final Fantasy XV, you know, like 10 years long. In just a little under ten days, the game will finally release worldwide. The game was originally pushed back from September 30th to November 29th to give the developers extra time to make changes that they felt were needed. It seems even after the game had gone gold, they weren’t exactly done adding content, enhancements, and any tweaks they felt that needed to be added to the final version.

After installing the game into your hard drive, it seems you will also need to install a day one-one patch. The changes haven’t been revealed just yet, but thanks to Twitter user LordKelsen, we now know the patch will be around 7.2GB.

What’s waiting a few extra hours to play the game when you’ve already waited 10 years for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, I mean Final Fantasy XV. Here is hoping the patch is released early in preparation.

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