Final farewell for Future Trunks in Dragon Ball Super?


Warning: Contains spoilers to the current Future Trunks Saga in Dragon Ball Super

And with one final slash, Future Trunks has finally defeated Goku Black/Zamasu with the collected energy from the remaining people of Earth. At long last Future Trunks has brought peace to a broken world which has seen so much misery: the beginning of a dreadful future at the hands of Android 17 & 18, the arrival of Babadi and Dabura to release Majin Buu, and the human genocide by Goku Black. His struggle began at a young age with everyone in his family being killed on by one. Future Trunks never knew peace until now. His worst nemesis is finally defeated and his future can finally know peace, but his victory may be short-lived.

In the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeto made his return in Super Saiyan Blue fashion, and though he was able to completely outmatch the newly fused Goku Black/Zamasu, he wasn’t able to make the kill and defused during battle. It wasn’t until Future Trunks was able to summon the remaining energy from whoever still lived on Earth and used that into an energy sword. This sword was able to do massive damage to Goku Black/Zamasu and Future Trunks was able to slice him in half, similar to defeating Cyborg Freeza. This should be the end of Future Trunks story now that he has become one of the strongest fighters in his timeline and has killed the last of the gods. The preview confirms to us that this will be the last time we see Future Trunks, with the title being “With new hope! In our hearts farewell, Trunks.” Seems like a simple goodbye, but is there a darker meaning to it?


Whis and Beerus were able to detect immediately upon Trunks’ return that a timeline has been altered. Their support during this saga was correcting the timeline and preventing Zamasu from becoming Goku Black. They succeeded, but it only affected their timeline. The Future Timeline remained unaffected due to Goku Black wearing the Time Ring. This is where Omni King Zen-oh comes in. When Goku met with Zen-oh upon his request, Beerus warned Goku not to reveal any of the events involving Future Trunks and Goku Black, knowing that Zen-oh would not be pleased and could end their universe. The preview clearly showed Zen-oh making his way into the Future Trunks timeline after Goku Black/Zamasu’s defeat. Although many have thought his presence is brought to the future to defeat Goku Black/Zamasu, this doesn’t look like the case.

With Zen-oh now in the altered timeline, it brings up the issue of time travelling and it being forbidden. There are two possible outcomes to this:

Zen-oh fixes the Future Trunks Timeline

Seeing as the recent events of Goku Black were at the hands of a Kai, and the Kai’s failure to prevent it, it’s possible that Zen-oh can fix the timeline back to the peaceful Earth before Goku Black’s arrival. Beerus has already killed Zamasu which prevents him from becoming Goku Black. Zen-oh can finalize that fix and allow the Future Trunks Timeline to revert to a future without Goku Black. This timeline would have continued after the Androids have been defeated and Future Trunks becomes its protector. He can also live in peace and continue to grow stronger to defend the Earth, and with the Kais back to life, he can continue his training with them. Goku, Vegeta, and Bulma would head back to their timeline and destroy the time machine, which also prevents Future Trunks from coming back.

Zen-oh “fixes” the Future Trunks Timeline

This, in a sense, is a fix that alters Dragon Ball history. Zen-oh could go back to where Future Trunks first interfered with time and saved Goku’s life. Having defeated the Androids and Cell in their timeline, Future Trunks’ timeline never reverted to a peaceful future without the Androids. The struggle was still there and Future Trunks ends up easily defeating them with his training from Vegeta. Here, however, is how Zen-oh can “fix” the timeline. Having succeeded in his mission, the Dragon Ball canon that we see in the series leads to Majin Buu and eventually to the events of Dragon Ball Super and GT. Zen-oh would solidify that event, which would then wipe out the Future Trunks Timeline altogether. In theory, the “future” that they are currently in would no longer exist and would be 17 years in the future after Dragon Ball Super canon. Future Trunks would no longer exist, which makes the phrase “In our hearts farewell, Trunks” from the title more meaning.

Both scenarios fit the title, seeing as they may never see Future Trunks again, but the second fix completely erases him from history, completing his mission and forever knowing peace from the dark future he lived. It’s a long shot, but possible since Omni King Zen-oh is capable of such things and wouldn’t want any altered timelines since time travel is banned to begin with. It’s entirely possible that this won’t be the case, but we’ll find out soon enough as Episode 67 airs this Saturday!

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