Lin-Manuel Miranda working on secret Disney film with Zootopia Director


Disney is clearly all in on the Lin-Manuel Miranda business. And why not? After the astounding success of his critically adored Broadway musical, Hamilton, not to mention his Tony Award winning debut, In The Heights, no other artist’s star has risen higher in 2016. And to that fact that he is set to co-star in Disney’s upcoming sequel Mary Poppins Returns, co-penned the songs for the upcoming Moana, and is collaborating on the upcoming The Little Mermaid  film, it’s clear that Miranda is a chief “Creative-in-Residence” at the House of the Mouse.

Now, Vulture has reported that Miranda is working with Zootopia director Byron Howard on a secret Disney animated film from scratch. While some Pixar purists may still look down on the Disney animated brand, there is no doubt that the Disney Animation Studios has been ascendant, with worldwide blockbusters such as Frozen, Big Hero Six, and Zootopia. Here’s hoping that the addition of Miranda will continue the winning streak.

Miranda did caution that the movie is in its infancy, with no set script. And given the long lead time for animated films, fans should expect to wait at least a few years before the film is done. As if we didn’t have enough reasons already to look forward to 2020.

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Source: Vulture

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