Halo 15th Anniversary teaser trailer


Something’s brewing for the upcoming Halo anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since the first Halo came out. It has since grown into a video game giant spawning multiple sequels, spinoffs, toys, parody shows, and other things. And it put Bungie on the map as a top developer.

Of course, 343 Industries now controls the Halo line and is doing a special live stream today at, you guessed right, 3:43 PM PST. Many people are expecting remasters of old game and PC ports of other games. The trailer is just the Master Chiefs helmet showing reflecting scenes from previous games. So a remastering could happen, but we already got that from the Halo: Master Chief collection. Maybe a remaster of the remaster?

Take a look at the video below and make your own guesses. Let us know what you think it is.

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