Relive the magic in Harry Potter in Concert


Music has always been an emotional journey for as long as we’ve been picking up instruments. It has always played an important role by being able to enhance the scene in a movie or progress the show. By changing the tone, music can help change our perspective of what we are seeing from happy and cheerful to suspenseful and intense in mere seconds. No other element can create such a journey by only hearing its sound.

CineConcert, a live symphony performing music as a movie plays, has taken its next step in its unforgettable performances with the Harry Potter franchise. An iconic franchise in its own right, Harry Potter has captured the imaginations of people from around the world with not only its story and characters, but also through its amazing music. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is the first movie that CineConcert performs, and what a performance it was.

When I first sat down, I saw most of the musicians practicing and could hear small glimpses of memorable Harry Potter music. Although I’ve seen several live performances (Wicked being my all time favorite), I didn’t know what to fully expect from this show. Would it sound off? Would it be fully synced with the movie? I had several questions, and even a live symphony of just the Harry Potter music without the movie would’ve been a good performance as well. But when conductor Justin Freer came on stage, gave a slight bow and just jumped into the music, it was a completely different experience that I’ve never seen or heard before.

The whole music is played 100% live while Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is playing behind them. As much as I wanted to watch the musicians play, I kept getting sucked into each scene of the movie. But it wasn’t the movie that did that, since I’ve seen all Harry Potter movies countless times. The music put me in a mood of wonder and curiosity as the movie played on. I know what songs were coming up, but hearing it live was a unique experience.

It was mesmerizing as it was when I first watched Harry Potter, and definitely emotions I haven’t felt since then. The audience laughed, cheered, and was on the edge of their seats watching Harry Potter, as was I. But what we saw wasn’t just a movie, it was a memorable experience as we relived an incredible journey that began 15 years ago and took us to a new journey that was filled with music. Each scene that went by, each note that was played in front of us allowed us to get lost in the film as the thundering music captured our minds and lured us into the film. Harry Potter in Concert is an incredible experience that has to be seen to believe.


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