My Name is Stardust: A new type of children’s book

A father and daughter have teamed up to write what looks like a fantastic book. My Name is Stardust is a story that takes Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s saying that “we are all made from stardust” and unlocks the full meaning behind it.

At the age of just 8, Bailey Harris sat down to watch the hit show Cosmos, that we all know and love. And directly after watching, she was inspired enough to write an entire book about it. Over the next year or so, her father – Douglas Harris – sat down and helped her on her path to create My Name is Stardust.

My name is stardust art

Now, they’ve taken to Kickstarter to get the word out about the book and fund their project so that they can fund the making of the book and publish it, allowing all of us to purchase a copy! How awesome is that?

With an amazing story and an awesome illustrator called Natalie Malan, My Name is Stardust was able to reach their goal of $12,800. However, you are still able to back the project and win some perks depending on how much you put towards it. But you better hurry, as it only has roughly three more days to do so! I know that I can’t wait to get my hands on it! On top of that, it’s so awesome to show your children how cast and beautiful our universe is.

Please fund the project here!

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