Missed out on the NES Classic Edition? Just wait a bit longer as more are coming


On Friday, Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition into the market. It was sold out almost instantly in stores and online. You would figure many people were at home enjoying the mini blast from the past. Instead websites including eBay, Offer Up and more are filled with people selling the system anywhere from $180-$300.

If you missed out, you can just wait. Nintendo has confirmed on Twitter, that more will be released for the holiday season. It doesn’t help that Nintendo released a small supply into the market. With interest so high, it gave people the chance to scoop up as many as they can in hopes of selling them fast before the next batch comes out with hopes of doing the same.

We saw the same thing happened with the amiibo craze last year. When more were readily available, it made it easier for people who really wanted them to walk into the store to find them without having to camp out the night before.

Don’t be impatient and just wait a bit longer. Of course, everyone can say Nintendo didn’t release enough, which is partially true, but why would you spend at least $200 on something that in the end will be on every store shelf in the near future?

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