Dungeon Crawler Mary Skelter: Nightmares coming in Summer 2017


Idea Factory International held its 3rd annual press conference to show off its upcoming games, and among them was Mary Skelter: Nightmares.

No gameplay was shown at the event for this title, but we did get a teaser trailer with a bit of insight into what the game will entail. We can assume based on the trailer that you will be controlling a young boy (unnamed) and a girl (Alice) on their quest to escape jail. Now not only is the jail beneath the surface, but it also grows and appeals to the desires of those held within, which will play a key role on your quest for freedom.

Beware! The Nightmare monster stalks you as you navigate this dungeon-crawling RPG. Stand your ground, or use traps to slow down the insatiable monsters and escape to fight another day.

You’ll fight in turn-based battles and can boost up your allies with blood transformations. If you solve the dungeons’ mysteries and satisfy the prison’s desires, you just might make it out alive…

Mary Skelter is scheduled for release in Summer of 2017 exclusively for the PS Vita and PS TV.


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