The return of Vegeto in Dragon Ball Super!


It’s been a long time coming to this point. Since the return of Future Trunks and the arrival of Goku Black, week after week we’ve been through a crazy adventure that is about to reach its end. We’ve all theorized that eventually Goku Black and Future Zamasu would eventually fuse due to them each having one of the Potara Earrings. With their fusion, Dragon Ball Z fans have been dreaming about the return of Vegeto and this battle being the perfect timing.

Now, normally, each week during the preview we have eagle eye viewers going frame by frame looking into clues into what Dragon Ball Super may be hinting at in hopes of seeing anything pointing to Vegeto’s return. This time, however, after Episode 65 aired, in which Vegeta and Goku battle a fused Goku Black/Zamasu, the preview decided to skip the teasing and went straight into full reveal of our favorite fused hero Vegeto in full Super Saiyan Blue fashion!

Will the return of Vegeto be enough to stop the newly fused Zamasu? We’ll find out in Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 which airs this Saturday!

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