Project Wight lets you play as the monster instead of the hero


Throughout the history of video games, there has always been a constant with quest-based action games all the way up to role playing games. You play as the hero and save the kingdom, town, city, world, and sometimes the universe. The cliched main storyline is that something tragic happens in the beginning for your hero, and then you hunt down the evil that brought this evil upon everyone in the game. A great example of this would be Skyrim.

If you haven’t played Skyrim yet and you have 100+ hours open to yourself, then we highly suggest you go out and pick it up. (Spoiler warning!) That said, Skyrim’s storyline encompasses you going out into the world and hunting dragons. Not only do you hunt dragons, but you hunt down and slaughter many other beasts and creatures that “pose a threat” to humanity. Now what would happen if you took that idea and flipped it around? What if you were the dragon or the beast and you hunted down the hero or heroes that were killing your kin? This is what Project Wight is about.

Project Wight was started by the development team called The Outsiders who are ex-developers of Battlefield. Project Wight puts you in the shoes, or claws and feet as it were, of a creature that’s been hunted to near extinction by mankind. It takes place in an alternate timeline where Viking heroes have slaughtered your kind to the brink and now it’s time for you to fight back. I guess if we were to compare this to an old English story, it would be Beowulf. Instead of being Beowulf, you’d be Beowulf‘s nemesis, Grendel. The creature that you play as in this game looks surprisingly like Grendel or at least it heavily influenced their decision for the character design.

If you watch the early gameplay video below, it shows a beautifully rendered landscape where you start as a youngling version of these creatures. You basically use your wits to avoid getting killed at that young age. Eventually, you become an adult where you then use your wings to glide around and utilize your natural weapons of teeth and claws to kill the human Vikings that consistently have been hounding your species. The combat looks pretty interesting in the video even though it only shows a small portion of it. It looks like the humans will be hunting you with group tactics since it shows large numbers of them firing arrows at the creature as it was gliding to the ground. I think the best part of being this beast is that it looks like you get to eat humans.

There doesn’t seem to be a release date as of yet, but you can check out The Outsider‘s web page to check and see if and when they do release more information about this game. There’s beautiful art as well. We can only wonder what the multiplayer is going to be like. Check out the video below!

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