BlizzCon host fires back at bullies


Thomas Middleditch, star of HBO’s Silicon Valley and avowed gaming nerd, had a rough time during his hosting gig at BlizzCon last weekend. Although Middleditch is no doubt a hardcore gamer, his unfamiliarity with Blizzard games showed while he was emceeing the BlizzCon cosplay contest. This resulted in some… not so nice things being posted about him on social media.

Middleditch responded on Instagram by posting a picture of his impressive gaming setup and a heartfelt plea that all gamers should just try to be friendly with each other. I have to agree that creating factions within gaming that somehow look down on others because it isn’t in their genre is disheartening. And although Middleditch’s hosting job may have fallen flight, hopefully this entire episode will remind us that we are all gamers together. Unless you’re a console FPS player. Then you’re just lame… 😛

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