The Division’s Survival and 1.5 update is live on PTS


The Division has gone through a myriad of changes since its release earlier this year. While sales were booming, game mechanics and other issues plagued the game for some time. Since then, Massive Entertainment have been hard at work making improvements for players, to provide a better experience. With the recent 1.4 update that came out, it’s more than obvious that they’ve succeeded. The game has changed completely, showing massive improvements, and has thus resulted in far better gameplay experience than we’ve seen yet.

Today, Massive have added the Survival game mode as well as 1.5 update to its PTS (public test servers) on PC. Sorry console players, you don’t get to try it until release. PC players will get to play the upcoming mode for the second expansion in PvP and PvE as well as the new changes for 1.5. According to a Reddit post, here is a list of everything that will be available:


  • 2 game modes PvP Survival OR PvE Survival – Groups can meet on the map and help each other but not kill each other in PvE mode
  • 24 players on the LZ map
  • WHEN YOU DIE ==> GAME OVER! (you can be revived from the downed state)
  • hunger, cold mechanics
  • you are sick and need to extract yourself
  • you start with a pistol only and with no / bad gear
  • clothings have a ‘cold’ rating that protect from the blizzard
  • crafting plays an important role
  • there are ‘hideouts’ – like apartments (those are not safe house)
  • there are crafting benches in the hideouts
  • you need to build a new mask / virus filter when you want to enter the DZ / contaminated zones
  • on the borders of the map the enemies are weaker and get stronger when you move closer to the center of the map
  • No need to be L30 to play Survival – Just need access to the BoO
  • No link to World Tier – every player plays as the same difficulty level (you start with a simple green pistol) and work your way up

1.5 update

  • New World Tier 5
  • New Maximum Gear Score 256
  • new named weapons
  • new weapon (M700 – bolt action MMR with ‘Elevated’ talent. Deal more damage when on a higher level than your target)
  • new named gear sets with special talents
  • …and other changes – Patchnotes will be published later today or tomorrow

Looks like there’s a lot to take in. The new mode looks to be a groundbreaking change for the game, as well as allowing more than just a normal squad of 4 to team up together in a PvE environment. There’s no word on exactly when the update will officially roll out, but we expect it to hit sometime in the coming winter months.



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