Queen Mary’s Chill is back with a whole new attraction


It’s that time of year again! The winter holidays are coming up where we celebrate the season of greetings and cold. Yes, including Santa Claus and other Holiday favorites.

This year, Queen Mary’s Chill proudly presents their new attraction – Alice in Winterland, an incredible holiday adventure illuminating a holiday inspired re-imagination of the classic Lewis Carroll story in striking colors & equally stunning light fixtures. Wander through the rabbit hole to check out the immersive 14,000-square foot decked out space filled with hundreds of lanterns and lights to truly make you feel like you’re in Wonderland. This attraction will also use RFID technology to enhance your experience.


Of course, Queen Mary’s Chill isn’t the same without their North Pole Village, which includes Peppermint Parlor aboard the ship, the Queen Mary Village post office to send a letter to Santa, meeting the Clauses, hanging out at the Gingerbread house, ride the Swinging Sleigh and the Giant Rocking Horse, as well as many others. The 6,000-square foot outdoor Ice Skating rink returns as well as the 135-foot Glacier Glide Tubing Luge!


Check out our review from last year. Queen Mary’s Chill will begin on November 23rd until January 8th, 2017. For more information and tickets on the event, click here.


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