Amazon Echo receives $40 price cut for 2nd birthday


The Echo, Amazon’s smart home controller/digital assistant is celebrating its 2nd birthday with a $40 price cut. This brings it down to $140 from the original $180 price tag.

The Echo released in late 2014 and has been gaining popularity gradually since then. Mainstream consumers have began to accept it especially after its appearance on Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2015 and the cameo in Season 2 of Mr. Robot. This home AI is not just for the techies anymore.

Though the price cut may be, on the surface at least, labeled as a birthday celebration, there may be another hidden agenda here. Google just released its own home AI system with in Google Home that will be available November 10th and competitively priced at $130.

With a lot of reviews showing the two devices pretty much even, with each having little features the other doesn’t, price may be the key determining factor for most.

Source: Mashable


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