Our first look at the Power Rangers reboot Megazord

Thanks to the Official Power Rangers Twitter page, we finally get our first look at the new design for the Megazord from the upcoming Power Rangers movie in toy form.


It’s a very different take of the Megazord and should come as no surprise seeing as the Power Ranger suits themselves are very different from anything we’ve seen in the past. One of the most iconic aspects of the original Megazord from the television series was that each zord piece was easily identifiable. The Sabertooth Tiger and Triceratops formed the legs, the Mastodon formed the arms (as well as shield), the Pterodactyl as the chest, and finally, the Tyrannosaurus formed the head.

It looks like an upgraded version of the Power Ranger suits with retractable wings. It’s much more streamlined and simplistic with the Iron Man-like power core in the middle with very few pieces showing that it’s really five different zords combined. The most interesting aspect is the yellow piece around its stomach area. For some reason I can’t stop thinking there might be something that goes there.





Okay, well maybe not Krang, but it looks like it’s a perfect fit for him. I’m waiting to see more about the Megazord – maybe a full-sized version with more detail before I can give my complete thoughts, especially since we only get to see how it looks in action figure form. It includes LED effect and five 2-inch Ranger figures.

What do you think about the new Power Rangers reboot Megazord?

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