New class coming to Diablo 3


With BlizzCon over, we learn that a new class is coming to Diablo 3. Well, not really new but more of a re-introduction. The Necromancer class is coming. For those who have been playing Diablo, you know the Necromancer class from Diablo 2.

The Necromancer class was my favorite class, and I was disappointed it didn’t make it to Diablo 3. This Necromancer class will have some of the old moves from back in Diablo 2; moves such as Corpse Explosion, Siphon Blood, Bone Spear, Blood Rush, and Summon Skeletons.

This class will be released sometime next year. I can’t wait for this class update to be released and will be reinstalling Diablo 3 for sure. Are you guys excited? Let us know.

Source: Blizzard

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