Funimation gets Dragon Ball Super US/Canada license


[In the voice of Prof. Farnsworth] Good news, everyone!!

Funimation has extended its licensing deal with Toei Animation and expanded its Dragon Ball license to include Dragon Ball Super. This means that US and Canada can now stream all episodes of Dragon Ball Super and also get simulcast episodes.

Currently, episodes 1-10 and 47-64 are available on FunimationNow and episodes 11-46 will air once the subbing has finished. Funimation also has plans for a dub release but will announce details at a later time. I do hope Crunchyroll also gets the missing episodes since I do not own a Funimation subscription.

I am totally pumped for this news. I have been a fan since back in the days of waking up early Saturday morning to catch new episodes on TV. Are you hyped as well? Let us know.

Source: Funimation

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