BlizzCon 2016: Sombra revealed


After many months of waiting, Blizzard has finally revealed the ever elusive Sombra to their hit game Overwatch. During the opening ceremonies of this year’s BlizzCon, viewers were in the process of watching the history of the Overwatch launch. The fans were already excited, but then the screen started to lag and skip. Even though most fans were ready for that type of reveal, all were still excited once Sombra appeared onscreen. The new animated short “Infiltration” is down below.

On the official Overwatch page, Sombra is classified as an offensive hero. She has the ability to teleport herself, hack enemies, and also cloak herself to escape incoming fire. Further details on her abilities and origin story is down below.

Along with the animated short, Blizzard announced that Sombra will enter PTR servers for PC players starting next week. Along with the exciting Sombra announcement, Blizzard has also announced new maps and modes that will be released in a future date this year.

Source: BlizzCon

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