Millie Bobby Brown to return as Eleven in season 2 of Stranger Things


I think that everyone that I know, who has seen this series, has fallen in love with it. And how can you not? It has everything you love about ’80s Sci-Fi, mixed into a show that masterfully pieces each episode together, on a network that seems to not be capable of doing any wrong. And then there’s the soundtrack. Holy crap, I LOVE the soundtrack to this series! I listen to it constantly throughout the week, as the ethereal sound of synthesizers and swells make for a fast-track trip back in time. Yeah, this series is great. What’s even greater, however, is the news that one key character from last season will return! So we better stock up on Eggo waffles.

Millie Bobby Brown, who has taken the world by storm through her incredible performance in Stranger Things, has just been confirmed to be returning in season two. According to TVLine, a rep from Netflix declined to comment, but their sources state that Eleven will indeed be in the upcoming season. This comes as a ray of hope to many who remember an interview the Duffer brothers had with Entertainment Weekly, in which they called Eleven’s return “up in the air.” If this pans out to be true, there will be a collective sigh of relief from fans around the world who had come to know and love the waffle-munching telekinetic.

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Stranger Things season two will debut during the summer next year on Netflix.

Source: TVLine

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