Foursite: A Doom level 12 years in the making

As a lifelong Doom fan, I still never cease to be impressed by the modding scene that is still going strong despite being old enough to drink now. Well color

Sherlock returns on New Years Day for EVERYONE!

  We have a date and a title name! The title The Six Thatchers was revealed on the Official Sherlock social media pages along with an image with the premiere

‘Jackie Chan Presents: Amnesia’ trailer (exclusive)

Remember Jackie Chan’s Who Am I? It’s a martial arts film about a secret agent who loses his memory. Everything goes downhill when he is chased by a bunch of unknown

Noontec Zoro II Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Headphones (review)

When it comes to headphones, there’s definitely one thing to say: you can buy them everywhere, from just about anyone, these days. Headphones are being mass-produced by so many companies

Trolls Review

Ever since the success of Transformers and The LEGO Movie, Hollywood has started looking to adapt films based off popular toys. Yet the strangest announcement of them all was when DreamWorks Animation

New Prey trailer looks at an alternate history spin

Prey is one of those games that ends up in development hell for one reason or another. Though it started life as a sequel to the original 2006 release, it

The Walking Dead season 7 premiere ratings increased compared to previous year

It was a big night on Sunday with the premiere of the seventh season of AMC’s The Walking Dead. The show performed 16 percent higher than season 6’s premiere. The season

World of Final Fantasy shines bright with nostalgia (review)

World of Final Fantasy is Square Enix’s latest attempt to recapture the magic of previous Final Fantasy games. It’s set in a new world that is comprised of locations from

Friday the 13th: The Game delayed to 2017

“You’re going to Camp….” Yeah, yeah, Camp Blood, Death Curse, Doomed all Doomed, we know the routine old man. Yes, you’re going to have wait a bit longer to go

Resident Evil Escape Experience brings survival horror to life

You’re inside a dimly-lit living room with paintings on the wall. You’re then escorted by scientists into another room with a chess-like floor, wooden desk, pedestal, and paintings on the

Doctor Who companion Bill is ‘bringing something fresh’ to the series

By Joshua Kaye As one of the largest phenomenon throughout the world, Doctor Who has fans that span all across the globe. The show, which was first started in 1963

Titanfall 2 live-action launch trailer goes bang bang

Titanfall 2 is coming this Friday, October 28th, for the PS4, Xbox One and PC, and an epic live-action/CG-animated launch trailer has been released. The trailer shows off some cool

The Nightmare Before Christmas gets an Honest Trailer

Halloween lovers, it’s that time of year where we dust off our costumes, polish up our fake teeth, and don our outlandish make-up to parade ourselves during one of the

The Witcher’s Gwent Closed Beta codes being sent today

Woohoo! Just received my Gwent codes for the Closed Beta, so hopefully you guys will be getting it soon. CD Projekt Red has been releasing the first wave Closed Beta codes

New Watch Dogs 2 trailer

New Watch Dogs 2 trailer, “Welcome to San Francisco,” has Marcus showing us around the Bay Area. It also shows off some gameplay. The trailer looks spectacular in showing all

Parents Television Council complains The Walking Dead is too violent because parenting is hard

Almost immediately after the release of this season’s premiere of The Walking Dead, the Parents Television Council verbally expressed their disdain for the opening episode. Basically, they state that there

Hello Kitty is getting her own ColourPop collection!

Just when you couldn’t get enough of Hello Kitty, Sanrio has found a way to further be part of your life and it’s now with your makeup. Hello Kitty is

Andrew Garfield shares feelings about his career and the new Spider-Man

It seems like only yesterday that the Spider-Man series was rebooted with a different actor playing the web slinger. Andrew Garfield stepped in for Tobey Maguire for 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man

Wicked Apples is wicked good

There was a ton of really great games showcased at this year’s Boston Festival of Indie Gaming. One of those games, and the winner of the 2016 Audience Choice Award,

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered PS4 review (single player)

*Warning: The following review contains minor story spoilers. Be advised if you haven’t played the original game or even the remaster.* Out of all the remasters that have come out