Science Wide Open Kickstarter: Creating books to inspire little girls in science

If you ask kids to name some scientists or inventors, they’d probably name Albert Einstein, Leonard Da Vinci, Isaac Newton, and even Charles Darwin. If you google “Famous Scientists”, you’ll get

The future of gaming is here: Bloxels

The gaming industry seems to be reaching to younger and younger audiences today. Parents use of technology to educate their children is also at an all time high because of

Final Wolverine film official title and poster revealed

Hugh Jackman has officially released what looks to be the poster for the next and final installment of the Wolverine films, appropriately titled Logan. In the poster, you’re able to see

Review: Logitech Prodigy G213 Keyboard and G403 Wired Mouse

It was about one month ago we were made aware of Logitech’s latest line of gaming peripherals that are marketed toward casual gamers. While there are already a long line

Power Rangers Red Ranger Sword revealed!

A few weeks ago we were given a treat with new Power Rangers posters teasing the new Zords. Each ranger was shown in full costume while sitting on their respective

Disney’s Mulan to be adapted as a live-action film

Disney has been busy with pumping out live-action versions of its animated films. So far we’ve seen the release of Maleficent, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, The Jungle Book, and the

Beyond Good and Evil sequel teased by Michel Ancel: ‘Game in pre-production’

If you follow French game creator Michel Ancel on Instagram, you would know that for the past week he’s been teasing his next project. While he hasn’t said the name

You must get bloody at Delusion: His Crimson Queen

What is Delusion? We have covered it multiple times before and have explained time and time again why we love it so much. Although Delusion took a year off, it is

Missed the pilot episode of Westworld? See it for free!

This past Sunday, we got a glimpse into what HBO has in store for the future of Western’s in television. From the opening credits to the cryptic ending, the pilot

Outlast 2 demo released on all platforms for limited time

It’s the month of SPOOKINESS, and the developers at Red Barrels Studio want to commemorate that by releasing a demo for its upcoming horror game Outlast 2. As you can tell by

Outsiders season 2 gets a release date and trailer ahead of NYCC

WGN America has just announced that the hit drama series, “Outsiders,” will be returning for a highly anticipated second season on Tuesday, January 24. The network then released an intense

Healed introduces us to a life void of all illness and disease

What would happen tomorrow if all life-threatening disease and illness just disappeared? Our world is polluted with so much death and disease, viruses that are able to spread through the

Team Misfits wins first Overwatch Open, plus recap

The Overwatch Open Tournament, which was a partnership between television giant Turner’s ELEAGUE and e Sports organizer FACEIT, recently concluded with EU representors Team Misfits winning the Overwatch Open over

Goku Black’s identity in Dragon Ball Super finally revealed, now what?

Warning: May contain spoilers for the current Future Trunks Saga in Dragon Ball Super! A few weeks ago, Dragon Ball Super gave us the biggest twist so far. With the

NES Classic Edition interface revealed, will include four suspend states per game

A few days ago Nintendo of Japan revealed the Nintendo Classic Famicom system would be coming to Japan and include a video that showcased the interface of the miniature system.

GameStop ranked ‘one of the worst places to work for in America’

You would think that working around video games all day would be an amazing job for anyone, right? Apparently not, according to new data received from job review site, Glassdoor,

Phil Spencer doesn’t want you to be worried about Project Scorpio’s price

With Microsoft’s Project Scorpio launching next year, consumers are starting to be a bit concerned with the price point it will launch at. Following Sony’s announcement of the PS4 Pro,

Hi-Rez’s Paladins is coming to consoles

Paladins, the newest game from Hi-Rez, is making a quite an impression on the Steam Top Games by Player Count list. The free-to-play game officially went to Open Beta in

Pokemon GO is still bringing in $2 million daily

If you are like me, it has been weeks since your last Poke hunt. I collect Pokeballs here and there, but I am definitely not as active as I was

How Star Trek Beyond should have ended is just logical

The HISHE team has once again proven another effective way a movie could and should have ended, but then again, it would not have been fun or as Kirk says