White Noise 2 first look – 4 vs 1 survival horror game

Imagine yourself as an investigator trying to find the truth. On your search, you look for tapes that can reveal the truth about a creature, but you’re stalked by the same creature you’re trying to reveal. Your only weapons are a flashlight and glow sticks that can help you evade the creature. Now, what if you’re that same creature on the hunt for the team attempting to expose you to the world? White Noise 2, the sequel to White Noise, throws you in a team of 4 tasked to venture through the deepest darkest nightmare you’ll encounter. You must work together to discover 8 tapes that will reveal the truth behind a creature on the loose. But this time, you can control the creature and wreak havoc among your friends as they challenge your every move. White Noise 2 just hit Early Access on Steam and it’s going to be a wild ride from here.

There are two major aspects of White Noise 2, the investigators and the creature. As an investigator, you’re tasked to find 8 tapes before the creature kills you and your team. The whole atmosphere is set in a pitch black area, so you’re equipped with a flashlight and glow sticks to help see your way. As a team, you must work together in tracking down these tapes and utilize your hearing as you go along. This plays like any normal survival game like Slenderman or Dead by Daylight. As the creature, you’ll stalk each victim one by one utilizing your powers such as invisibility and totems to find each one. Light is your enemy so be weary of the glow sticks and watch out for the investigators flash lights. The 4 v 1 aspect provides a huge challenge since now you can go up against someone in control of who’s stalking you. Teamwork plays a critical role for success, but having 5 players all playing at once, it’s bound for tons of laughs. I got together with some of the NR team, and laughs were had. I tried out the creature first and stalked my co-workers as they jumped and screamed when I approached. The satisfaction I had when I took each one down was great, especially in one game when they had one last tape to collect.


After each match, a board with each player is shown as you see where they were and how the creature was stalking. This is where the most laughs are when you see how many circles you ran, or how lost you were from the whole team. Also, you can see how the creature was just behind you the whole entire time. White Noise 2 has a simple premise but filled with fun. You’ll laugh, you’ll jump, you’ll scream when you least expect it. It’s a good indication of how well White Noise 2 will turn into by how much fun the game is so early in its development. Move over Slenderman, it’s time to fear the White Noise.

You can get White Noise 2 now in Early Access on Steam

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