The next Tomb Raider title may have just leaked


The title of the third game in the 2013 rebooted Tomb Raider franchise may have just leaked on Reddit.

Reddit user Tripleh280 happened to notice someone on the Montreal subway working on some sort of presentation or pitch, featuring a logo for Shadow of the Tomb Raider in the upper right-hand corner.


A source that spoke to Kotaku confirmed that the third game title is in fact Shadow of the Tomb Raider. While we may want to start speculating about the plot and other aspects of the game, we may want to keep in mind that the title could change. A representitive from Square Enix, when reached for comment, said they do not comment on rumors.

Whether they are working on keeping it under wraps or that this is just a working title, only time will tell. We did learn one thing, however – it appears that the Montreal subway system may be a good place to get more gaming leaks.

Source: IGN

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