Rainbow Six: Siege Japan DLC teased


It’s been over three months since the release of the Operation: Skull Rain DLC for Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege. Since then, fans have been waiting on news of the next round of DLC for the game – which generally includes a new map and two new operators.

Well, now we have our first official tease of the newest content, as per a posting to Twitter from the Rainbow Six: Siege official account.


The caption for the tweet translates in to English as “Time, come Tareri.” – the meaning of which in relation to the DLC is as of yet unclear, although it is speculated to be the name of one of the new operators.

There’s also no news on who the new operators will be, officially, but considering the game uses real world Special Forces and Police Counter-Terror units, my money is on the inclusion of Japan’s Special Assault Team – an elite Counter-Terror Police unit.

Via PCGamer, footage of the DLC’s new map has also been revealed. You can view it for yourself below.

Ubisoft has previously stated that a Japan-themed DLC for Rainbow Six: Siege would be the final part of this season’s DLC for the game, so it may be some time before we see more content.

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