Herald of Galactus rides around New York


Looks like one of Galactus’ Heralds has landed on Earth. Is Silver Surfer looking for sustenance for Galactus? Or just to show off his new surfboard? Fortunately for us, that’s not Galactus’ Herald come to doom planet Earth. It’s Jesse Wellens from PrankvsPrank whose body was transformed/painted to look like Silver Surfer, thanks to Alexys Fleming.

Jesse surfed around NYC in a modified surfboard, in broad daylight, with strangers all taking photos. He even stopped and posed with a hotdog vendor. Seems like where ever he went there were crowds with phones ready to shoot a picture.

I think this just won the Halloween costume you were going to. Within a day of the video being posted it already has broken 1 million views. This has my vote for Best Halloween costume. What do you say? Let us know.

What do you say? Let us know.

Via: Mashable

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