Delta Force, Armored Fist, and other Novalogic Properties acquired by THQ Nordic


THQ Nordic has acquired all of Novalogic’s gaming properties and plans to continue creating the developer’s tactical FPS titles.

The acquisition includes the following series:

  • Delta Force
  • Joint Operations
  • Comanche
  • Armored Fist
  • Tachyon: The Fringe
  • F-22
  • F-16

The acquisition also includes the Novalogic trademark, as well as other properties.

And although all of these series are now owned by THQ Nordic, there are no specific plans to bring all of them back, although they are open to being approached by developers.


“NovaLogic pioneered military simulations and military-themed multiplayer shooters with vehicular combat and also clearly targeted at an adult audience,” said THQ Nordic business and product development director, Reinhard Pollice. “We are extremely satisfied with the new additions to our portfolio, and also very thrilled about how to continue some of said franchises, we are open for talks in this regard if any developer approaches us with a concept for a potential sequel to any IP.”

Source: THQ Nordic

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