Go for Glory in 5-Minute Dungeon (Review)


5-Minute Dungeon is a 5-player cooperative card-based tabletop game that is filled with chaos, excitement, and laughter. Creator Connor Reid and Wiggles 3D have masterfully created a game that will force you and your allies not only to think quick, but act even quicker. You are allotted 5 minutes per stage to clear each of the 20+ floor dungeons, and then slay its boss in order to claim the victory. The game can be played with up to 5 players, and the more options you have at your disposal the more likely you are to survive and win. It should be noted that dungeon sizes will scale based on the number of players.



Overview and Contents:

The Kickstarter will have options for standard and a collector’s version of the game, which will come with certain bonuses. Both games will feature 10 classes (5 double-sided player cards), 5 player decks , 50 dungeon rooms (40 standard/10 challenge), and 5 boss cards, each more dangerous than the one before it. Behind every room in the dungeon is one of 4 hurdles you must overcome in order to progress, which are classified as Monster, Person, Obstacles, and events. Hurdles are passed by players using their character ability, or by playing either spells or combining the required resources listed on the current dungeon enemy. Defeat each room and boss within 5 minutes, and you have succeeded in the dungeon and may move on to the next. But should you run out of time or cards, than it’s game over and you must begin your quest again at the first dungeon.



5-Minute Dungeon is a very fast moving game that is great for players of all backgrounds and ages. During my playtests of the game, I had people of all backgrounds including moms, hardcore gamers, casual players and even a 6-year old all learn to play, and play effectively.  The game’s speed and cadence is as fun as it is chaotic, and will play differently every game based on the random order of cards and who is at the table playing them. One of my favorite elements of the entire game is the artwork and creativity behind the dungeon’s various enemies, as I can only believe that the goal was for almost every enemy to be based around some sort of pun.

I think the trickiest thing about playing the game is that whoever is drawing the next card for dungeons must have excellent reflexes, because by the time you hit floor 30 in some stages, it is very easy with all the excitement to get tongue tied while calling out what the team needs, and this is dangerous, especially when your down to your last 30-60 seconds. For beginners and parties of 3 or more, I highly recommend someone playing as the wizard class, since he has the ability to stop time by discarding 3 cards, but this is limited by the number of cards in the wizards deck, so use it wisely. The lower the number of players also means fewer options, so every card counts, burning through spell cards may progress you faster. But if you hit a room where you are lacking the resources, its game over.


Final Thoughts:

5-Minute Dungeon is easy to learn, and takes very little prep time to start whether it’s your first or your 100th time playing. It’s great for pick up and play sessions, as well, and can be easily resumed at a later time if you’re not able to complete all 5 dungeons at once. 5-Minute Dungeon is a must have for fans of cooperative table-top games, as the deck is stacked with gaming and pop culture references to entertain players of all skill levels and backgrounds, and will definitely be one of those games your friends always want you to bring over.

The Kickstarter goes live Nov. 1, and they are estimated to start shipping games to backers in March of 2017. So if this is one adventure you’d like to get in on, then back the campaign here to get your very own copy, and be on your way to conquering dungeons in no time!

Final Score:

4.5/5 Atoms

NR 4_5 Atoms - A-

*5-Minute Dungeon was reviewed using an advance copy provided by Wiggles 3D.

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