Resident Evil Escape Experience brings survival horror to life


Image Credit: Brad Betts

You’re inside a dimly-lit living room with paintings on the wall. You’re then escorted by scientists into another room with a chess-like floor, wooden desk, pedestal, and paintings on the walls. Around you are clues to escaping. Are the paintings a clue to getting through the door? Yep, it’s definitely a room that belongs in a game like Resident Evil.

For those of you who haven’t gotten a chance to try out an escape room, perhaps this one should entice you. Capcom and iam8bit have collaborated on this new Resident Evil VII Escape Experience, and it’s to die for. Fans of Resident Evil will definitely get a kick out of the experience as they will get to see Easter eggs and other related items from the survival horror series.

It’s been a while, but I’ve forgotten how big the iam8bit building is. Upon entering the back area, we were treated to an experience that will definitely take you through many rooms. (An average escape room contains two rooms.) You’re given 45 minutes to figure out the clues and escape. Don’t worry, your group will have a total of 6 people, and together you will have to help each other figure out clues that can lead to unlocking puzzles.

I have tried many escape rooms, and the best experiences are always the ones with a small group like 6. There are escape rooms that allow up to 12 or more, but nothing screams scary like a small group scrambling around in dark rooms.

Since it’s an iam8bit event, fans will also get to see different pieces from artists. There’s also a chance to check out the Resident Evil VII demo via the PlayStation VR. It’s truly one of the best horror demos made available. You’ll feel helpless as a creature roams around a room, haunting and teasing you.


Image Credit: Brad Betts

Check out the art gallery below.

(Photos credit: Brad Betts)

Sadly, tickets are sold out, so let’s hope Capcom and iam8bit can extend the experience.

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