Rosewill Cullinan PC Case review

When it comes to custom PCs, there are tons of available options for your rig. Rosewill, however, has spent the last 10 years to make your custom PCs look their best. And their newest PC case, the Cullinan: The Uncut Diamond, is no exception. Last week we announced its arrival, and now we have one on hand to check it out. Can the Cullinan live up to the Rosewill brand?

For starters, the PC case itself sports many cool features and has a sleek tempered glass shell. It’s hefty in size and is fully customizable. It has 4 built-in LED fans and space to add an additional 3 fans on its roof. The roof itself has a removable dust filter for easy cleaning and good air flow.

Once you have your motherboard and PC parts all put in, you’ll see how much leftover space there is. It’s plenty of room for a liquid cooling system. Naturally, the more powerful your PC build, the bigger cooling system you’d tack on, the Cullinan definitely has the space for it. And when it comes to space, key placement of the motherboard and power supply plays a good role in keeping it cool. The case has a hidden area for just the power supply and easy access for the cables to connect to the motherboard. This allows for a much cleaner rig and keeps the hot power supply from heating up the entire case. On top of that, the hard drive bracket placement is creatively placed to the point where you can simply remove them without disturbing everything else. One side panel gives you access to the main setup (motherboard, CPU, Video Card, etc), while the other side gives you full access to the hard drives with up to 5.


The blue LED lighting matches my keyboard!

After spending probably about an hour removing my PC from its old case and into the Cullinan, I put it to action. As you can see in the photo above, the Cullinan is huge. From where I sit, I have quick access to 4 USB ports that allows me to quickly plug in my phone or USB drive. Having them on top allows me to just plug straight in within arms reach and quickly unplug without even looking. Next to the USB ports are the power/reset buttons and headphone/mic jacks. My old PC case had those same features, but more toward the bottom of the front of the case. I used to hit them and even broke one of the USB ports due to my clumsiness. Now, it’s in an area free from being accidentally hit. And with the headphone/mic jacks on top, I don’t have to squeeze behind the case just to plug in my headphones or microphone. It’s more of a convenience than anything and I never really knew how much of a difference it would’ve made until I started using it a lot more.

Given the size of the case, I thought the case would be loud. My old PC case had some really loud fans and it was only one just blowing on the motherboard and the one on the rear. The Cullinan’s fans are really quiet, not even a slight hum. On top of that, the tempered glass really absorbs the sound made from the computer, to the point where I only really hear it when it’s processing something big like a video. And with 4 fans and tempered glass, I thought it would be prone to heating up, but the glass is always cool to the touch. The design of the front glass allows for air intake from the side and blows it completely across the entire PC setup. If you need to keep your rig even cooler, an additional 3 fan system can be placed on the roof to allow more heat to be removed from the case. Plus with the excess space, the Cullinan has room to upgrade the current fans to a liquid cooling system if needed.



Tempered Glass Front and Side Panels
Top-mounted I/O ports: USB 3.0 x 2 + USB 2.0 x 2+ Fan Speed Control
Supports motherboard capacities up to E-ATX
Four blue LED fans pre-installed
Easy removable dust filters
Advanced Cooling System:

  • Front: 120/140mm Fan x 3
  • Top: 120 mm Fan x 3/140 mm Fan x 2
  • Rear : 120/140mm Fan x 1
  • Supports up to 420 mm Long VGA Card
  • Supports up to 180 mm High CPU Cooler
  • Supports up to 360 mm Long Liquid-cooling Radiator on Top and Front

Final Reaction

The CullinanĀ isn’t just another case. It aims to be the last PC case you’ll buy for a long time. With upgradable fan system, hidden HDD and power supply space, and easy cable access, the CullinanĀ is capable of handling the most extreme PC rigs. It sacrifices 5.25″ drive bays in favor of better heat displacement and easy HDD access. But in this day in age where USB drives and cell phone storage usage is more frequent, it’s a feature that won’t be missed. Rosewill knocked it out of the park with the Cullinan, one that will be hard to top for quite some time.

Rating: 5/5

NR 5 Atoms - A

You can purchase the Cullinan PC Case at, now with a free ARC series 650W modular power supply w/ purchase during October (limited offer)!

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