Haunt the Rift with League of legends newest Halloween update


Our favorite badger is all decked out and ready to cause some major mischief in League of Legends’ 2016 Halloween update. Our 3 lucky champs to get the frightful makeover are Bewitching Tristana, Morgana and Little Devil Teemo. Along with this update, we also see the return of our personalized shops that feature 6 random skins on sale all the way up to 70% off.

Also in the update is a new cooperative game mode, Doom Bots of Doom, which will test 5 summoners against a supernaturally powered enemy A.I. team and will reward any players that finish a level with a special in game icon. There is also a new seasonal ward and three Icons available for purchase for the Halloween enthusiasts. As with every year, a majority of these items are legacy, so they are only available until November 3rd. After that they go into the vault until next year’s Halloween update.

So hit the rift, my fellow summoners, and grab your Teemoing Skins fast for The End is Nigh!!!

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