Wunderkind Hearthstone player signs with NRG eSports


NRG eSports has just signed their newest Hearthstone player in William ‘Amnesiac’ Barton. After finishing Rank 1 in the NA servers last season, he currently sits 12th in Hearthstone’s Global Standings. The craziest part? He is only 15.

Amnesiac has been playing Hearthstone since he was 12 and has coached a number of pro players. Recently, he worked closely with NRG’s other Hearthstone player, Jason ‘Amaz’ Chan.

“I have nothing but the highest respect for the values NRG holds as well as the success of their teams,” says Amnesiac. “I feel privileged to be joining such a great group of people and will do my best to represent the NRG family!”

The upcoming Hearthstone World Championships at Blizzcon will be Amnesiac’s first event under the NRG banner. With a $1m prize pool and $250k 1st place prize, the Hearthstone Wunderkind will have all eyes on him.

“Will is the future of NRG; a talent that will only continue to grow as his game evolves,” says Gerard ‘Atlas’ Kelly, Co-Founder NRG. “We’re PSYCHED to be able to to have him present us in Hearthstone and can’t wait to see how he gets in!”

Source: NRG

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