New Pokémon Go update removes spawning Pokémon while driving

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While the popularity of Pokémon Go has steadily declined, it still remains on the top of the charts as one of the most-played mobile games on iOS and Android devices. Since its release back in July, developer Niantic has been steadily updating the game by adding leaders, improving glitches and compatibility issues just to name a few.

While not every update has been favorable, Niantic’s latest Pokémon Go update will greatly change how players will play the game moving forward. After downloading the latest update, if the Pokémon Go app detects that you are traveling at or above 30 mph, it will prevent all Pokémon from spawning, preventing players from focusing on their phone while driving at high speeds. This also affects the Pokémon egg step counter and buddy Pokémon, so it’s a bummer but overall a smart movie.

It wasn’t unusual for players (I’ve been guilty of this myself on occasion) to play Pokémon Go while driving, trying to capture a few Pokémon while stuck in traffic or even near a stop light. Others, on the other hand, would even do this on the freeway while traveling at high speeds. Niantic previously posted a warning message, but it didn’t stop people from doing it anyway.

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