Marvel announces ongoing Iceman series

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Iceman, a mutant with the ability to manipulate ice, is one of the founding members of the X-Men and has appeared in comic books since 1963. Besides being an X-Man, he was part of other superhero groups including X-Factor, the Defenders and the Champions and has appeared in numerous video games, TV shows and movies. Even though Bobby Drake has starred in two self-titled miniseries, he’s never had his own solo ongoing title. That’s about to change as Marvel has announced Iceman #1.

This new book is the first series to be announced as part of the upcoming ResurrXion event which will follow the Death of X storyline, which has just begun, and Inhumans vs. X-Men. Marvel has also revealed a teaser image for the book that shows various images of Iceman from different comics and artists over the years. However, there’s no information regarding the book’s creators.

There’s also no information on which version of Iceman the book will cover. There’s the adult Iceman who we’ve followed sine the ’60s and who operates as a member of Storm’s Extraordinary X-Men and there’s the young Iceman who Beast brought to the future along with the other original X-Men who appears primarily in All-New X-Men.

This new book may focus on Iceman’s sexual orientation as the younger Iceman came out as gay in Brian Michael Bendis’ run on All-New X-Men after Jean Grey learned the truth by reading his mind. This revelation helped the older Iceman come to terms with his sexually, leading him to come out as gay as well. There’s a lot of material to work with here and the creator’s might choose to explore these themes further.

Iceman #1 will be released in the spring of 2017. More ResurreXion announcements are expected in the weeks to come.


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